How it works


Healthcare Professionals

Offer your patients on-demand delivery for any over-the-counter product such as medical devices, surgical equipment, medications, etc. Give your patients the convenience they deserve.


Hospitals & Clinics

Our solutions allow healthcare organizations to increase revenue by capturing more sales of prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and other medical products from every discharged patient. Keeping all pharmacy orders in-network. Convert your pharmacy into an on-demand pharmacy powerhouse today.


Independent Pharmacies

Use HealNow to receive new orders from various healthcare professionals and hospitals. Additionally, start managing your delivery process more efficiently by collecting co-payments and scheduling delivery times all online. Offer your customers a new and improved pharmacy experience.


Connect your patients to the products they need.

HealNow’s online ordering and payments platform makes the entire pharmacy experience seamless. 


Pricing Plan

Choose a Plan That’s Right for You or Your Business.

Healthcare Professionals


  • Create & Submit non-prescription orders 
  • Existing Patient Database & Quick Reordering Tools
  • Online Training & Designated Customer Support Line

Contact Sales


  • Create prescription & non-prescription orders Receive orders 
  • Manage deliveries efficiently
  • Credit Card Payment Processing

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Request a Demo.

Request a Demo.